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10x Africa is an exclusive accelerator and community for entrepreneurs committed to see success in Kenya growing exponentially in Africa. We're a portfolio company of Full Circle Africa.

Our vision resonates in our approach to working with start-ups and scale-ups.

We help accelerate!


Our location is conveniently accessible.


We offer a collaborative workspace, not an area of seclusion. Meet and work with like-minded professionals who will give you a sense of home and make your environment pleasant.


Do not want to spend more money than necessary.

Hardware Perks

High-speed internet access, printers, security, meeting rooms equipped with the most current technology, and sufficient for your type of clients.

Start Ups

Develop your product and company whilst being mentored to soar to greater heights


Build your client base at 10x whilst helping the working community around you by offering services from 10x

Sole Entrepreneurs

We bring legitimacy to your company and help you move your hustle to the next level

Fintech Companies

Levreage on networks at 10x to bootstrap your company to greater heights through mentorship and networking with financial experts

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Our members board where we have conversations about what we are up to. 10X!!

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Interested in accelerating your hustle? Drop us a line below, we’d love to talk.
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Delta Corner, Westlands
Nairobi, Kenya

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